Monday, May 31, 2010

License Plate Fail

Okay so this was a while back when i was driving back home from somewhere (cant remember) but anyways there was this car speeding around everybody. Im like what the hell??? Some drivers are just retarded as fuck! I swear they do all this speeding around people and they still haven't gotten anywhere because you catch up with them at the stop light....see dumb fucks! So I did eventually catch up to this car and was right behind them and i happened to see the license plate..this is what it said....

Now u know...lmao! As i was done rolling my ass off in my car at this license I quickly took out my blackberry and took a picture of it to send to everybody. I think we know now why they was in a go swallow some more shit lmaooo. Like really who puts this on their license plate??? Driver of this car guess what?! you and your obvious talent has just been BLASTED!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rihanna Busts Her Ass

*sigh* Rihanna,Rihanna,Rihanna....havent you had enough? From the Chris Brown situation to the naked pictures of you being leak on the internet and the dozens of guys you dated after Chris??? You just had to go and do this to yourself. You just had to go out there on that stage and bust your fuckin ass! lmao This shit is just hilarious maybe the floor was slippery,maybe you picked the wrong shoes or maybe somebody just was mentality hoping and praying that your ass fell!....

LMAO! damn now that's funny! She probably said to herself damn that hurt and maybe i shouldn't had played the victim role against Chris that hard because karma is a bitch! It looked like somebody pushed her better yet like she was sliding for the base on a baseball game "SAFE!" Guess what Rihanna?! you and your now sore ass has just been BLASTED!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kat Stacks Drunk.....

This blog was past over-due for a post about this "groupie bitch" Kat Stacks. The internet been buzzing about her for a while now with her stories about celebrities and calling herself "exposing" them. Personally i don't like her...i mean what's the point in trying to expose them? At the end of the day they still gone be famous and you gone be a groupie ass hoe lol. I found a video of Kat Stacks on twitvid of her drunk in the back of some dudes car. I guess cocks just flings to her lol but this video is funny...drunk people are funny in general....

Well we all know now to not fucks with her because she "from the streets dawg!" lmao drunk ass bitch. I heard after the video they kicked her out the car and left her on the side of the street which makes it funnier. She should feel right at home lmao. Guess what Kat Stacks?! Your groupie drunken ass just been BLASTED!

Ps- if you want to follow this hoe on twitter its @ihatekatstacks

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Like Mother,Like Daughter Booty Contest

So a mother and daughter decided to do a booty shaking contest at a Too Short performance. The mother had no shame being up there with her daughter getting down as well. I mean really she got to be at least 40 some years old. I guess the daughter didn't have shame either that she is out with her mother doing a fucking booty shaking contest!

Who did u think won? ha neither...and Too Short didn't lie when he said this would be on youtube. At least he knows somebody was recording this. They both look a hot mess and it was been heard that they both did something with Too Short shortLy after this. Guess what?! you and your booty shaking mother has been BLASTED!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rude/Gay Boy....

So yall might have heard of or seen this video of this...i dont know what to call him lol. Like what was he thinking when he decided to make this video and why does he have his mother's pantie holes on? lol This is the exact reasons why some people shouldn't have access to the internet cause they put shit like this out. Do he really think he is doing something or just wanted some internet attention?

LMAO! i just don't have many words to describe this video. Should Rihanna fear that somebody else has shun her career? Obviously this video is getting more buzz than her career. Guess what Rude "Gay" Boy?! you just been BLASTED!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Apple iPad....

As we all know,Apple has came out with a recent product called the iPad. Is it really worth the hype? Is it worth your $500? Some people might think it is the best device out right now. For me it is just a big ipod and there is no need to run out and buy this product. Lets just not go on from my opinion. Lets see from another point of this dog...yes dog...

Well there you have it. The dog says Apple made a dumb ass product. Those barks stood for "get this shitty ipad away from me! it sounds like a feminine product!" Come on Apple yall couldnt make a device that is pet friendly??? Or maybe it wasnt made that way lol. Apple you just been BLASTED!

What Is Put On Blast??

First of all,Put On Blast is a blog made by me lol. Everyone have that certain person that has done something and you felt like you needed to put them out there. Well that is what this blog is for, to put people on blast!